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LIM Synchronous / Stepper Gearmotor

Details & Specifications

downloadPM Synch. Gearmotor
1.5 to 120 RPM at 60 Hz

Benefits:Minimal Envelope
Impedance protection
Totally enclosed construction
Continuous duty
Synchronous speed
U.L. approved construction
Reversible balanced windingTypical Applications:Automatic merchandising equipment
Business equipment
Duplicating machines
Valve operatorsMotor Specifications:

  • 4 pole, 2 coil single phase permanent magnet motor
  • 4 wire reversible balanced winding
  • 6 to 240 volts A.C., 50 or 60 Hz

Gear Reducer:

  • Output torque to 50 inch pounds
  • Output speed 1.5 to 120 RPM
  • Self-lubricating Delrin gears for light loads
  • Hardened alloy steel and powdered iron gears for higher torque requirements
  • Precision zinc die cast case
  • Gear bearing shafts are highly polished and hardened for long life


  • .250 O.D. or .312/7.94 O.D.
  • Length and detail per application

Optional Features:

  • Die cast gear box cover