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CDSP - DC Permanent Magnet Gearmotor

Details & Specifications

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6 - 24 Volt DC
Torque to 35 in-lb

Construction FeaturesHigh strength ABS gearcase
High strength Delrin gears
Dual output rotation with singular basemotor
Gearcase able to be mounted without fasteners;
channels at output or snap-in tabs
Geartrain able to be stalled without damage
CE certifiedOptionsEMI/RFI suppression
Leads or terminal board
Limit switches and cams Control circuits or sensors
Distance between O/P centers - (2.917"/74.092mm or 2.937"/74.600mm)Typical Applications:

  • Dual spiral glass front vending machines

Output Shaft:

  • Two output shafts
    square female
  • Custom snap-in shafts
  • Front or rear extension