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Model 101 - AC Induction Motor

Details & Specifications

Model 101 - AC Induction Motor


High Torque
Heavy Duty Gear Motor

Motor Specifications:
  • Input motor rated 1/50 to 1/8 HP
  • Powered by 2 & 4 pole; capacitor start induction run, split phase, permanent split capacitor, polyphase (2 pole only), shaded pole, reluctance type synchronous motors.
  • Voltages: 6 to 220 volts, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Open ventilated, continuous duty.
  • Available with automatic inherent thermal winding protection.
  • Motor Frame: Diameter - 3"
  • Designed for maximum efficiency, high starting torque and long life.
Gear Reducer:
  • Helical first gear for low sound level application.
  • Oil sealed gear reducer for extended life.
  • Precision cut hardened steel wide face gears.
  • Sleeve or needle bearings in output shaft for overhung loads.
  • Hardened heavy duty steel gear pins and rugged zinc diecast gear case.
  • Output speed range 3 to 850 RPM.
  • Output shaft length per application.
  • This heavy duty gear reducer construction incorporates a two gear shaft design for max. life under high torque, heavy stress, and max. shock loads.
Recommended for:
  • Business Equipment
  • Duplicating Machines
  • Appliances
  • Ice Making Equipment
  • Machine Tool Equipment
  • Photographic Equipment
  • Marking Equipment